COVID-19 has created a vast devastating scene for each and every people in every corner of the world. The epidemic is growing very rapidly with number of cases increasing every day. India has confirmed more than 450,000 cases of COVID-19 so far, making it the world’s fourth-worst-hit country. Poor people and migrants are not getting proper essentials, food and hygiene. But apart from that there is another section of society who is getting hindered from all this and that is our Transgender Community. But our Bengaluru Transgender S Veena made sure to keep her community well fed and well protected during this huge crisis.

She is an activist and currently she has been going from door-to-door, distributing free rations and sometimes cooked meals to over 500 households in her neighborhood, which is located near Gandhinagar in Bengaluru.
Since a large number of families in the area are daily wage labourers like domestic help, construction workers, and even street hawkers, the lockdown meant no income for all of them, which had a direct impact on their food consumption.
So, Veena decided to ensure that none of them would go hungry. She says “Initially we were cooking and distributing almost 50 kgs of rice every day–and ended up giving away almost 300 such parcels. Of this number, more than 200 parcels were distributed amongst the transgender community in Okalipuram, and the rest were for the slum dwellers”. And now she has started her local restaurant over there named Adyar Anand Bhavan and ensures no stomachs are left hungry.

So isn’t it inspiring and worth getting inspired for?