As covid-19 is getting up surged day by day death tolls are increasing in large numbers and the most saddening part of these deaths are that the bodies would be cremated all at once when they are dead and are not allowed to even get touched or seen by their family members and this is the most disheartening part. Even the loved one’s fear to perform the last rites in fear to get affected by covid-19 and leave it up to the administration to perform the last rites.

Under such circumstances Kartar Singh Lehari , a patwari volunteered to cremate the bodies who died due to this deadly disease. His first cremation was of Singer of Padmashree Nirmal Singh Ragi who died of this infection on April 2. Since then he has cremated 21 bodies of Covid-19 patients.

According to him there is no higher from of service to humanity than giving a dignified send-off to those people who are rejected by their own. Therefore, he even approached his seniors to volunteer them to do such cremations in his near future as it has become his sole motive and mission of his life. Even his wife Jaswinder Kaur who’s a teacher never stopped him from doing such risky activity instead supported him and she offers prayers from him until he comes home and Kartar ensures that he takes all necessary precautions before entering home and while performing cremation.

So isn’t this worth inspiring where we are coming to know people who are dedicated and are standing united to fight this deadly apocalypse.