Kindly Donate For A Family!

“I have attempted suicide several times, but failed each time. My sons face shows up and stops me from ending my life” says Dawal Suryawanshi morosely, a once vital man defeated and overburdened by harsh circumstances of fate.

Let’s start from the beginning and try to understand what had happened. Dawal lives in Kalwan Tehsil in Nashik with his joint family of 13 members working as a clerk at Yashwant Rao Bank.

In 2017 he took a loan amounting to 45 lakhs for starting off 2 shops that his brothers worked at. The shops did decent business until 2016 demonetization from where everything started going downhill. With the dwindling business, they would just make enough profit to sustain the family and pay off the interest on the loans.

COVID19 pandemic came as a hard blow for Dawal. With the shops closed and no additional income time to supplement his meagre clerical earning, Dawal became the sole breadwinner of his 13 membered families. He’s having a hard time even to put food on the table even with the children of the house being sent off to relatives and hadn’t been able to pay the loan interest for several months. If this wasn’t enough, due to the non payment of interest, his house and a few personal asserts are on the brink of being seized by the bank.

 “If this happens then our family will become homeless, how will we survive. Things had always been tough but this situation has put us on a helpless situation. I don’t know what to do…” says Dawal is a broken voice.

Help Dawal tide over this crisis and give him a fighting chance to provide for his family and maintain a roof over their heads in these harsh circumstances

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