Heroes of COVID- 19

The coronavirus pandemic has truly become one of the worst threats to the modern world – with countries across the globe being brought down to their knees trying to fight it. As doctors and other medics on the frontline continue the big fight, many at the backstage are waiting for help. Stripped of their livelihood and having lost their daily wages,people are starving. However, in times of need, the common man shows up as the hero to save the day. Similar is the story of two brothers
Tajamul and Muzamil Pasha from Kolar, who sold the land they owned to be able to feed those in need. According to reports, this was not to meet their own financial needs, but to be able to help those who need it. By selling their land, they’ve raised Rs 25 lakhs. Isolation is key in the fight against COVID-19. They said that if people do not have food, they’ll be forced to venture out, putting them at the risk of being infected.

“Poor people venture outside if they don’t get food. The ideal way to keep them inside their houses is by supplying groceries and food at their doorstep.” — Tajamul Pasha

After getting the money, the brothers with the help of their social circles bought a lot of groceries, made ration bags and started handing them out from under a tent. They also have volunteers who have been given a pass by the police to be able to deliver food around. Their main aim is to ensure that every family has enough to be able to feed themselves thrice a day. Now isn’t that inspiring!