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A doctor drove a Covid-19 patient’s body in a tractor to a crematorium to help complete the last rites after the driver backed out. Soon after a 45-year-old man died from Covid-19 at the local government hospital in Peddapalli on Sunday, the municipal workers provided a tractor to carry the body as the small facility […]

गॉव के नौजवानों ने कोरोना के खिलाफ लड़ाई में मिशाल पेश की है

गोरखपुर जिले के पिपराइच ब्लाक अंतर्गत ग्राम सभा कैथवलिया के कुछ नौजवानों ने मिलकर एक मिसाल कायम की है। यहां पर कुल 70 से 75 नौजवानों ने मिलकर एक समिति का गठन किया है जिसका नाम रखा, युवा छात्र समिति। युवा छात्र समिति के सदस्य कुछ गांव में है और कुछ बाहर नौकरी कर रहे […]

Your can donate life to someone!

Wishing you well being, we reach you this time with something that you must know. Not only Migrant workers and COVID-19 patients, our team is magnanimously helping Non-COVID patients. There was a cancer patient, Mr. Ashok Singh, admitted in Bombay Hospital in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, who was in the need of 3 units of blood.Our […]


As coronavirus is spreading across like a large fire, the citizens have stood united to fight against this apocalypse and help each other out. Unexpected people have shown their kindness and love for their humanity which shows its essence of love. At a time when the whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Sudhir Kumar, […]


As covid-19 is getting up surged day by day death tolls are increasing in large numbers and the most saddening part of these deaths are that the bodies would be cremated all at once when they are dead and are not allowed to even get touched or seen by their family members and this is […]


Daily wage labourers, migrant workers and marginalized communities across India have been grievously affected by the steps to flatten the curve. In Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and other cities, thousands are going hungry, sleeping in filthy spaces under bridges, facing apathy from employers, people and authorities alike. And caught amidst this huge maze the poor workers […]


COVID-19 has created a vast devastating scene for each and every people in every corner of the world. The epidemic is growing very rapidly with number of cases increasing every day. India has confirmed more than 450,000 cases of COVID-19 so far, making it the world’s fourth-worst-hit country. Poor people and migrants are not getting […]

Heroes of COVID- 19

The coronavirus pandemic has truly become one of the worst threats to the modern world – with countries across the globe being brought down to their knees trying to fight it. As doctors and other medics on the frontline continue the big fight, many at the backstage are waiting for help. Stripped of their livelihood […]