As coronavirus is spreading across like a large fire, the citizens have stood united to fight against this apocalypse and help each other out. Unexpected people have shown their kindness and love for their humanity which shows its essence of love.

At a time when the whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Sudhir Kumar, a Junior commissioned officer (JCO) in the Indian Army, has gone beyond the call of duty and standing tall to fight problems at grassroots level.

He says, while the people in his village had information about the pandemic, they did not know what exactly it was and how it would affect them. However, they were aware of the precautions to be taken. This led to the shortage of facemasks and other essentials in the village. “When we sent our son to buy masks, he said there was shortage of masks in the market due to high demand. The ones available were very “expensive”, and cost Rs 200,” says Sudhir. But they decided to purchase the expensive mask, fearing the contraction of the virus.

He got himself prepared to make and distribute masks to the people in his village. A sewing machine at home, raw materials to make masks, and a desire to serve the country in such testing times – he had it all.
Since the lockdown, the husband-wife duo has made and distributed more than 4,000 masks for free in their village, as well as in neighboring villages. Sudhir tells that he got the masks checked with a doctor in his district, who confirmed that the masks are as good as the masks available in Motihari district.

  He says the masks available in the market at present is being made from single layered ‘sponge jali’, and he is making double layer masks.

 Apart from this, Sudhir and his family are spreading awareness about ‘social distancing’ in their village. Sudhir has also asked people to avoid reusing masks. He has told them: “If you have used it for long hours, you can throw that and take a new one from me.” He doesn’t even advice washing the masks. He says: “I am keeping a tab on the information, and this time we all need to be extra careful. 


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