Your can donate life to someone!

Wishing you well being, we reach you this time with something that you must know. Not only Migrant workers and COVID-19 patients, our team is magnanimously helping Non-COVID patients.

There was a cancer patient, Mr. Ashok Singh, admitted in Bombay Hospital in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, who was in the need of 3 units of blood.Our team member, Mr. Piyush Upadhyay, got to know about this and shared messages on WhatsApp seeking help. Mr. Vivek Pandey, citizen of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, residing less distant from the Bombay hospital, read the message and contacted him and donated his blood.

As per our conversation with Mr. Vivek Pandey, he said that he donated his blood for 11th time and humanity inside him pushed him ahead. Every year in the month of October, he use to donate his blood on his birthday. But this time, he readily contacted Mr. Piyush and donated blood even three months before his birthday.

HUGE RESPECT AND HATS-OFF TO MR. VIVEK PANDEY. Just like him, you can also help the people in need. For the sake of humanity, come forward, come ahead with us to help the people in many ways. You can also be a part of #Hum_Hai_Na campaign by donating as much as you can. Support us, follow us and share this so that more and more people come ahead to help.

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