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A doctor drove a Covid-19 patient’s body in a tractor to a crematorium to help complete the last rites after the driver backed out. Soon after a 45-year-old man died from Covid-19 at the local government hospital in Peddapalli on Sunday, the municipal workers provided a tractor to carry the body as the small facility […]

गॉव के नौजवानों ने कोरोना के खिलाफ लड़ाई में मिशाल पेश की है

गोरखपुर जिले के पिपराइच ब्लाक अंतर्गत ग्राम सभा कैथवलिया के कुछ नौजवानों ने मिलकर एक मिसाल कायम की है। यहां पर कुल 70 से 75 नौजवानों ने मिलकर एक समिति का गठन किया है जिसका नाम रखा, युवा छात्र समिति। युवा छात्र समिति के सदस्य कुछ गांव में है और कुछ बाहर नौकरी कर रहे […]


As coronavirus is spreading across like a large fire, the citizens have stood united to fight against this apocalypse and help each other out. Unexpected people have shown their kindness and love for their humanity which shows its essence of love. At a time when the whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Sudhir Kumar, […]


As COVID-19 has taken an evil phase and is ripping off persons from their lives devastatingly, people have started to fear for their lives as nobody knows what will happen next. No one has idea when they will get prone to this disease and when their life would take a turn, But now we have […]

COVID-19 Vaccine

Over six months into the coronavirus pandemic and the number of infected has crossed 12 million across the globe. Covid-19 has claimed more than 5 lakh lives globally while 7 million people have recovered from the deadly contagion worldwide. With a rapid surge in coronavirus cases across the globe, scientists and researchers are also ramping […]


As covid-19 is getting up surged day by day death tolls are increasing in large numbers and the most saddening part of these deaths are that the bodies would be cremated all at once when they are dead and are not allowed to even get touched or seen by their family members and this is […]

Battered Bodies

As this covid-19 pandemic has created a huge disaster in our country the poor class and migrant workers are the sections which are suffering a lot and are being victims to extreme poverty, hunger and deaths. They are left unemployed with no earnings and don’t have a single penny to feed their families. Half of […]


Daily wage labourers, migrant workers and marginalized communities across India have been grievously affected by the steps to flatten the curve. In Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and other cities, thousands are going hungry, sleeping in filthy spaces under bridges, facing apathy from employers, people and authorities alike. And caught amidst this huge maze the poor workers […]

Join our Journey

Let’s support our campaign HUM HAI NA, working on the ground to provide COVID-19 relief and aid! Contribute to our foundation to support India’s fight against the corona virus and help the less privileged during this lockdown.  The loss of livelihood amidst social distancing rules is disproportionately affecting migrant workers, daily wage-earners, the urban poor […]

Donate for Help

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another . There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay […]